VA-The UK Breakbeat Dubs Vol 1 (2016)

Artist: VA
Album: The UK Breakbeat Dubs, Vol. 1
Genre: Breakbeat, Dub
Released: 2016
Tracks: 26
Format: MPEG Audio
Bitrate: 320 Kbps


01-mode 8-i believe i can fly (feat. brenda lost)
03-nivanoise-world wide woodoo
04-borka fm-gangster
05-king opossum-pok ta pok pt. 4
07-stefan tretau-phyrric
08-clicker-mooMbahwave i
09-nic de la salle vs. renato carosone-scapritch (scapricciatiello)
10-jayl funk-we got the funk (caz remix)
11-heimkind-fabulous boMb inability
12-karina jones-luv dream (aleksey zhahin remix)
13-cushijazz-phone book (jazz maestro style)
14-the fool lovers-waterfall (the virgin dolls remix)
15-kai acid-you are a lion mr. johnson
16-aaron the baron-gonna change (lesny deep one leg dub mix) (feat. mike anderson)
17-phorsicht-wenn die sonne im norden erscheint (feat. lsp katha huber and ben bright)
18-kayowa-earth (america mix)
19-drib-touch it now
20-joseph christopher-only for a moment (lovetwisted breakbeat remix)
21-carlos olmo-broken
22-half decent-then and now (instrumental version)
23-fatos ceta-geg e tosk
24-joss alysson-nativity 2701
25-ed flow-dont look back (soultrade instrumental version) (feat. anja kristina)
26-dreadboxx-follow me up

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VA-The UK Breakbeat Dubs Vol 1 (2016)

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