VA-Exclusive Techno Pack (28-02-2015)

VA-Exclusive Techno Pack (28-02-2015)
Genre: Techno
Exclusive, Fresh and Promo Tracks

2People! – Lasher (Original Mix) [Disclosure Crew)
Abori – Eros (Chris Page Remix) [Brood Audio)
Abori – Eros (Original Mix) [Brood Audio)
Abori – Nation (Original Mix) [Brood Audio)
Abori – Nation (XHEI Remix) [Brood Audio)
Abori – Stellar (Original Mix) [Brood Audio)
Alessandro Grops – Syntetic (Original Mix) [Rusted Records)
Elek-Fun – Paranormal Privacy (Original Mix) [Bully Beatz)
Etapp Kyle – Lotos (Original Mix) [Prologue)
Jeff Derringer – Panic (Mike Parker Remix) [Soma Records)
Jeff Derringer – Panic (Original Mix) [Soma Records)
Jeff Derringer – Panic Attack (Original Mix) [Soma Records)
Leo Perez – Forever (Original Mix) [Alola Records)
Luciano Esse – GOING HOME (Original Mix) [Aloe Musique)
Mella Dee – Feel It Out (Original Mix) [Manucci’s Mistress)
Mella Dee – Raptor (Original Mix) [Manucci’s Mistress)
Mella Dee – Raptor (Will Berridge Remix) [Manucci’s Mistress)
Mickey Kojack – Feel My Pain (Sinden Remix) [Sweat It Out)
Miguel Garcia – Be Care (Original Mix) [Sansil Records)
Moizez Ohr, Luke Garcia – Fast (Original Mix) [Not For Us Records)
Moizez Ohr, Luke Garcia – Medium (Original Mix) [Not For Us Records)
Moizez Ohr, Luke Garcia – Slow (Original Mix) [Not For Us Records)
OHNIN – Exit Plan (Original Mix) [Malicious Smile)
OHNIN – High Talk (Andrea Colina, Marco Capizzi, Victor Elle Edit) [Malicious Smile)
Schmutz – Who Knows (Original Mix) [Dirt Crew Recordings)
Sezer Uysal – Ego Anxiety (Kassey Voorn Remix) [Manual Music)
Stefano Testa – ARGONAUTI16 (Original Mix) [Aloe Musique)
Tony Dee – Is Back (Original Mix) [Agile Recordings)
Tony Dee – Long Way (Original Mix) [Agile Recordings)
Unicod – Enlarge Your Tennis (Original Mix) [Raise Recordings)
Unicod – Fierce Memories (Original Mix) [Raise Recordings)
Unicod – Folie A Deux (Original Mix) [Raise Recordings)

Short preview: ( Lower quality – 64 kbps )

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VA-Exclusive Techno Pack (28-02-2015)