VA – Sports Megamix 2016.1 (2016)

Artist: VA
DJ Mix
Album: Sports Megamix 2016.1
Genre: House, Minimal, Tech House, Club
Released: 2016-04-03
Tracks: 117
Format: MPEG Audio
Bitrate: 320 Kbps


001-dj mix – sports megamix 20161 pt1
002-dj mix – sports megamix 20161 pt2
003-dj mix – sports megamix 20161 pt3

004-robin schulz – show me love (feat judge)
005-dj tonka – she knows you (calippo and dj tonka club mix)
006-andrew spencer and brookly bounce – dont stop (steve cypress remix)
007-alex m – passion 20 (calmani and grey remix)
008-arnold palmer – h
009-crew 7 – bounce (alpha-x edit)
010-lace up – dripping gold (extended mix) (feat melanie fontana)
011-niko noise – moom bah (stephan f remix)
012-armin kuil – throw your fukn hands up (club edit)
013-svendeekay – my mind (original mix)
014-davis redfield – time has come (extended mix)
015-picco – you know why (original mix)
016-klaas and mazza – why
017-thomas pasquini – polar express (radio edit)
018-nicola fasano and miami rockets – festival circus (original mix)
019-vassy and audiobot – million pieces (original mix)
020-ingeka – left behind (radio edit)
021-arvid lundberg – glacier (extended mix)
022-david peel and kilian taras – criminals (extended mix) (feat michael zhonga)
023-koenig and menzel – burn (radio edit)
024-rabih – dont wanna wake up (hr troels remix)
025-alpha-x – firebird (extended mix)
026-hr troels – eternity (extended edit)
027-eniac – people are people (extended mix)
028-mazza – young and wild (klaas mix)
029-maarten de kock – lets get it started (radio mix)
030-shapov vs meg and nerak – everybody (original mix)
031-billy the kit – sleep alone (cj stone and milonl mix)
032-mr z – celebrate life (extended mix)
033-lunde bros – death star (original mix)
034-eddie thoneick – all over the world
035-andor van reeven – what if 2k15 (extended mix)
036-faya – hold me close
037-marcus schssow – aware (original mix)
038-micha moor – troMba (original mix)
039-eric prince – poltergeist (original mix)
040-philippe lemot – shadows (club mix)
041-rocco and cck – v (extended mix)
042-steve angello and laidback luke – show me love (anevo remix) (feat robin s)
043-eddie thoneick – feel the soul (original mix)
044-crew 7 – luv 4 luv (club mix)
045-sultan and shepard vs felix leiter – bwu (original mix)
046-the cube guys – u dance (original mix) (feat luciana)
047-inpetto – lifting (original mix)
048-funkin matt – elephant (ignite)
049-tk tycoon – me and you (papster remix) (feat elli)
050-daddys groove and jaxx da fishworks – i stay true (feat andhiv)
051-henry johson and da candy – twrk (original mix)
052-tale and dutch – even if my heart dies (hr troels remix)
053-tank cheetah and dbn – trust (the rise)
054-inpetto – i need to know (radio edit)
055-florian picasso – frfx (original mix)
056-hochanstaendig – here i am (nick morena remix) (feat mhina)
057-blaikz – come with me (original mix)
058-micha moor and avaro – kwango (there for you) (radio edit) (feat anavi)
059-falko niestolik and oni sky – together (vocal radio mix)
060-dod – pull up (radio edit)
061-edher torres – if you sexy (extended mix)
062-derton c – everybody j
063-blackbonez – hellfire (original mix) (feat native u)
064-gazlind – trouble (original mix)
065-mike broenner – north (radio edit)
066-akadian – pseudo (original mix)
067-dario rodriguez – beat back (original mix) (feat mr v)
068-tom tyger and andero – let it go
069-tony romera vs nari and milani – how we do it
070-shapov vs amersy – vavilon (original mix)
071-florian picasso – want it back (origami) (original mix)
072-disco fries – volume (radio edit) (feat fatman scoop)
073-matt nash and felix leiter – heartbeats
074-deniz koyu – to the sun (gazlind remix)
075-steve powers – the tribe (original mix)
076-trillogee and kay c – supastar (original mix) (feat maxc)
077-lifters – evolve (original mix)
078-victor porfidio and mark martins – zuma (original mix)
079-village girls – kick it (stephan f remix)
080-klaas and niels van gogh – resurection (in space) (club mix)
081-premeson – save me (the ironix remix) (feat amanda wilson)
082-stase – into the light (radio edit)
083-cj stone – lost (cj stone and milonl mix) (feat lyck)
084-modana – dont look at me (short mix)
085-calmani and grey – ride on time (extended mix)
086-lexter – never gonna give you up (sweet sensation) (tale and dutch remix)
087-gonzak – moving on (original mix)
088-sultan and shepard – chasing (in the night) (hits o good remix)
089-tim royko – something that comes easy (original mix)
090-roger taylor – sunshine (radio mix)
091-froidz – shout (club mix)
092-modana and carlprit – yolo (video edit)
093-kevin david vs quantum beatz – shadow dancer (extended mix)
094-golan – promises (extended mix)
095-digitalism – second chance (capa remix)
096-hugo gerber – flowing (original mix)
097-adrian lux – torn apart
098-niels van gogh and dario rodriguez – are you ready (paul vinx remix)
099-camelphat – siren song (new id remix) (feat eden)
100-thomas gold and deniz koyu – never alone (radio edit)
101-blaikz – city lights (original mix)
102-toby webster – jack it
103-volt and state sam void and avedon – hold on (radio edit)
104-dimitri vibe – free your mind (club edit)
105-magnificence renegade and alex nash – memories (original mix)
106-energy presents andy – ghettoblaster (phun and key remix)
107-source 2 – make a step (radio edit)
108-jean elan – proton (radio mix)
109-nicky romero and stadiumx – harmony (original mix)
110-laidback luke and tujamo – sax (original mix)
111-cj stone – the sun (cj stone and milonl mix)
112-gemellini – cavenda
113-sebjak and jebu – banshee (original mix)
114-john snow – smile (extended mix)
115-p-moody – control (extended mix) (feat jay kay)
116-tom dot kom – one night in bangkok (original mix)
117-geo da silva jack mazzoni and alien cut – morena (trillogee remix)

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VA – Sports Megamix 2016.1 (2016)

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