VA-Shopping Mall Songs Vol 10 (2016)

Artist: VA
Album: Shopping Mall Songs, Vol. 10
Genre: Club, House, Tech
Released: 2016
Tracks: 40
Format: MPEG Audio
Bitrate: 320 Kbps


01-bahia de roses-talk to me
02-soulful-cafe-nothing is gonna be the same
03-soulfultrance the real producers-bahia de roses
04-bahia de roses-our house
05-soulful-cafe-there is always a way (feat. monday midnite)
06-mykal moziah-cold summer
08-dreadboxx-secret garden
09-soul-ty-double or nothing
10-dreadboxx-search in space
11-soulful-cafe-go down to
12-bahia de roses-por la noche
13-bahia de roses-now or never
14-soulful-cafe-everybody j
15-soulful-cafe-good girl
17-dreadboxx-the lost man
18-bahia de roses-va domir
19-soul-ty-this time
21-tedjep soulful house-for you dad
22-soul-ty-love at first sight
23-soulfultrance the real producers-yoh yoh
24-soulfultrance the real producers-old times
25-soul-ty-que pasa carino
26-soulfultrance the real producers-smooth lagoon
27-soulfultrance the real producers-poeh poeh
28-soul-ty-jealousy kills
29-soulfultrance the real producers-tango guitana
30-soulfultrance the real producers-sonic trance
31-soulfultrance the real producers-wubbling spacehouse
32-tedjep soulful house-i turn my life around
33-soulful-cafe-all my life
34-soul-ty-it is only you
35-soulful-cafe-crying around (feat. stanyos young)
36-soul-ty-tengo un amor (dorush remix)
38-soulful-cafe-do it good
39-soulful-cafe-if you like
40-soul-ty-in the mood

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VA-Shopping Mall Songs Vol 10 (2016)

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