VA-Hot House 4 (2016)

Artist: VA
Album: Hot House, 4
Genre: House, Minimal, Tech House, Club
Released: 2016
Tracks: 50
Format: MPEG Audio
Bitrate: 320 Kbps


01-aquamann-mi playa (da house filtered mix)
02-6ex-getting even (house of heaven mix)
03-ralphie and finch-pre world (main floor house mix)
04-tonino from mar-bass ahoh (bass and groove houzy mix)
05-house elements-the rocky love (clubtraxx mix)
06-jefferey everett-man and the woman (antigua mix)
07-tony deep-his lost love (deep diva mix)
08-night sector-curtain pole (house elements mix)
09-liquid air-unidentified (lab 99 mix)
10-gringo starr-paranormal (the tribe mix)
11-houzyman-deep release (ceekago house mix)
12-dorian gray-s type (jaguar mix)
13-bingo kongo-the tribal jawels (percussive mix)
14-flyhigh gang-early aircraft (house and stars mix)
15-modell and mercier-taming of the shrew (house progression mix)
16-goodo-flyinf at rheims (club mix)
17-clint velvet-with her card (republic mix)
18-triba kong-an awful moment (tribalhouse mix)
19-frankie fontana-the games
20-carl de baar-charity ball (tribatronic mix)
21-horizon 2-beach peace (ibeeza house mix)
22-sinusoid-a trip to the white sea (subground mix)
23-the house pushers presents black shine-slow it down (on da ground mix)
24-am with bo-aMbo (playhouse mix)
25-tony silipo and tony loMbardo-drops
26-filter 4-the call of the wild (wix mix)
27-disketto-the clubman (tuttotondo mix)
28-albert time-reckoning (stokholm mix)
29-foxx-jones burglar (filter mix)
30-fukushima beach-deep orbiter (mark dolphin house mix)
31-sector one-mind insane (the global mix)
32-house of heaven-heart of yama (h2 club mix)
33-cubic house-i really like you (nyc house mix)
34-pascal grimaud-greasers gauntlet (doc stentoln mix)
35-jm with double p-ronse (anaesthetic mix)
36-francoise lacong-jungle (tribalistic deep mix)
37-radikal guyz-deep razor blue (nyc house mix)
38-david magic-the wizard of oz (hollywood stars mix)
39-hector domino-motor pirate (vocal mix) (feat. donna)
40-jeorge dee-from my eyes (nyc mix) (feat. sonya)
41-the house slave presents dario assenzo-heart of gold (deep and fresh mix)
42-sun tronik boys presents riberella bad boy-magic world (dub lovers mix)
43-tony roiale-chicos do mundo (house waves mix) (feat. chicoria magoria)
44-house elementz-incubated baby (emerald tribal mix)
45-jeff knight-free for all race (jaguar mix)
46-grey mustang-sheep run (house and wonder mix)
47-gold rhythms-hands of the
48-silvergroove-jewish dance (house mix)
49-charles challag-ch
50-cornelius agamoph-three linotype machines (pacific inc. mix)

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VA-Hot House 4 (2016)

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