VA-Exclusive Progressive House Pack (16-02-2015)

VA-Exclusive Progressive House Pack (16-02-2015)
Genre: Progressive House
Quality: 320Kbps 44100Hz Full Stereo
Exclusive, Fresh and Promo Tracks

Bolivaro – Epose (Original Mix) [Toffee Records)
Boral Kibil – Dukkha (Black Mix) [Majestic Family Records)
Clameres – Magnalia (Original Mix) [Macarize)
Clean Bandit, Sharna Bass – Extraordinary (Still Young Remix) [Atlantic Records UK)
Danzan – Dreamer (Original Mix) [Atoma Records)
Hakan AKCAN – Dance In Spain [Mystic Carousel Records)
Hakan AKCAN – End Of Year [Mystic Carousel Records)
Hakan AKCAN – Hypnotic Rhythms [Mystic Carousel Records)
Hakan AKCAN – Note [Mystic Carousel Records)
Hells Kitchen feat Leusin – Melting (Original Mix) [Moonbeam Digital)
Jay Pei – Insignia [Spring Tube Limited)
Jelly For The Babies & Marc Pollen – Flow Motion (Sehat & Sobek Remix) [Balkan Connection)
Jelly For The Babies, Carl Canni – Wish Machine (L8M8 Remix) [Balkan Connection)
Jody Molina – Estoy Tan Vivo (Original Mix) [Freak In Records)
Jody Molina – Inside of You (CHAME Remix) [Freak In Records)
Mauro Rodriguez – Little Room [Balkan Connection South America)
Me Krob – Don t Sleep [Gysnoize Recordings)
Michael A – Faces (Rogier Remix) [JustMovement)
Michael A – World Z [JustMovement)
Michael Claveria – Freedom Society (Flek! Remix) [OLD SQL Recordings)
Michael Claveria – Freedom Society (Original Mix) [OLD SQL Recordings)
Michael Hokanson – Deimos [Spring Tube)
Mikelangelos Project – Happy Man [Spring Tube Limited)
Milos Ilic & AudioStorm – Hot Sand [Electronic Tree)
Milos Ilic & AudioStorm – Southern Soul [Electronic Tree)
Miss Monique & LinBit – Advance [Lohit)
Mlab – 11th Prayer (Arthur Sense Remix) [Suffused Music)
Mlab – 11th Prayer (Cj Art Remix) [Suffused Music)
Oscar Vazquez – My Way (Sonic Union Remix) [Lowbit)
Smight – Un Vato (Original Mix) [Suffused Music)
Smight – What You Want (Original Mix) [Suffused Music)
Stas Drive – Arkaim (Sehat & Sobek Remix) [Balkan Connection)
Steiss – Aura (Original Mix) [OLD SQL Recordings)
Virtua Futura – Made In Heaven (Xen Mayer Remix) [IPRecordings)
Yoram – Back In Time (Sehat & Sobek Remix) [Balkan Connection)
Zak Gee – Aliens In My Studio [Spring Tube)
Zibe – Smell Of Earth (Ignacio Sanchez Remix) [Balkan Connection South America)

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VA-Exclusive Progressive House Pack (16-02-2015)

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