VA-Exclusive Electronic Pack (20-04-2015)

VA-Exclusive Electronic Pack (20-04-2015)
Genre: Electronic
Quality: 320Kbps 44100Hz Full Stereo
Exclusive, Fresh and Promo Tracks

Alex Garno – Chapters (Original Mix) [Gaia Sound)
Alex Garno – Expensive (Original Mix) [Gaia Sound)
Alex Garno – Forever (Original Mix) [Gaia Sound)
Alex Garno – Reality (Original Mix) [Gaia Sound)
Alex Garno – Revenge (Original Mix) [Gaia Sound)
Boxcutter – Retina Grains (Original Mix) [Kinnego)
Boxcutter – Travel By Dragonfly (Original Mix) [Kinnego)
Dark Sky – Imagin (Original Mix) [Monkeytown Records)
Dark Sky – Purple Clouds (Original Mix) [Monkeytown Records)
Dj Bytz – Bass In Your Face (Original Mix) [Gaia Sound)
Dj Bytz – Dangerous (Original Mix) [Gaia Sound)
Dj Bytz – Just Release Me (Original Mix) [Gaia Sound)
Dj Bytz – Pump It Up (Original Mix) [Gaia Sound)
DJ L.a.m.c – Squad (Trap Version Mix) [Aktone Records)
Doomwork – DNA (Original Mix) [Get Physical Music)
Jon Hopkins – Abandon Window (Moderat Remix) [Domino)
Lusine – On Telegraph (Original Mix) [Ghostly International)
Neosignal – Peace of Mind (Original Mix) [Division Recordings)
Neosignal – Wake Up (Original Mix) [Division Recordings)
Oculus – Into the Deep (Original Mix) [Systematic Recordings)
ODESZA, Zyra – Say My Name (GANZ Remix) [Counter Records)
ODESZA, Zyra – Say My Name (Hermitude Remix) [Counter Records)
ODESZA, Zyra – Say My Name (Kastle Remix) [Counter Records)
ODESZA, Zyra – Say My Name (RAC Mix) [Counter Records)
ODESZA, Zyra – Say My Name (Slow Magic Remix) [Counter Records)
Rafael Valley – A Real House (Mono.S Dub Rework) [Monotonik Records)
Schlammpeitziger – Balcony Sofaune (Original Mix) [Pingipung)
Schlammpeitziger – Hagelslaag Suchteln (Original Mix) [Pingipung)
Schlammpeitziger – Kruste Halzemich (Original Mix) [Pingipung)
Schlammpeitziger – Listig Laufblech (Original Mix) [Pingipung)
Schlammpeitziger – Pipe Claphorse (Original Mix) [Pingipung)
Schlammpeitziger – Quadrat Ichendorf (Original Mix) [Pingipung)
Schlammpeitziger – Schneid Ein Stuck Aus Der Zeit (Original Mix) [Pingipung)
Schlammpeitziger – Whats Fruit (Original Mix) [Pingipung)
Soulfunktion, FAMA – Tease Me (Soultwins Bruk Up Mix) [SoulFunktion Records)
Zeb – Ride One (Original Mix) [Wonderwheel Recordings)

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VA-Exclusive Electronic Pack (20-04-2015)

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