VA-Italo Dance Reboot (2016)

Artist: VA
Album: Italo Dance Reboot
Genre: Pop, Dance, Club, Italo
Released: 2016
Tracks: 38
Format: MPEG Audio
Bitrate: 320 Kbps


01 Vita esagerata (Extended Version) (feat. Ranieri) Brothers 5:32
02 Tell Me Why (Radio Mix) J and V 2:38
03 Disco Record (Radio Edit) Baybes 3:57
04 Color My World (Giuseppe Sessini Viaggio Mix) Iridama 5:19
05 This Is the Day (Extended Mix) (feat. Pol Rossignani) Khrys 5:36
06 Prince of Love (DJ G Passion Remix) Jack Bass 5:12
07 If I Could (Casanova DJ Power Radio Remix) (feat. Marco) DJ Sanny J 3:27
08 Now Until Forever (Radio Edit) (feat. Marco) DJ Torny 3:19
09 Born to Live On (Italoshakerz Extended Mix) Emporio and The Faces 5:50
10 Forever (Tbm DJ Radio Edit) Masterbeat 3:40
11 Musica (DJ Blisco Concept Mix) (feat. Jelya) DJ Zulan 6:11
12 The Summer Is Magic (Summer Mix) DJ Rosso vs. JFK 4:03
13 Still Loving You (Tbm DJ Radio Edit) Level 4 Meets DJ Deamon 3:21
14 Still Lonely (Tbm DJ Radio Edit) Deep Spirit 3:29
15 Summer Is Calling (Tbm DJ Radio Edit) (feat. Sandra) Sun Kidz 3:16
16 Now Until Forever (Fabrizio e Marco Recipe Mix) DJ Torny 5:37
17 Got to Move It (Dance Mix) Mega Like 5:04
18 One More Try (DJ Gio Radio Edit) Masterbeat 3:52
19 Fly away (Italo Edition) (Sander Extended Mix) Fabrizio e Marco 5:02
20 Confusione (Extended Mix) (feat. Jelya) DJ Zulan and Alex Teddy 4:51
21 Runaway (Stephan F Extended) Marco Martinez 6:06
22 Catch My Breath (DJ Gio Extended Mix) Sunrise Electro 5:18
23 If I Could (feat. Marco) DJ Sanny J 6:24
24 Shake It Up (Radio Mix) Regina 4:01
25 Love You More (Radio Edit) Bastino 3:06
26 Come Mai (Dance Attack Extended Mix Cesareo DeeJays 6:50
27 My Lady Is Dying (Lipiak Harmonic Remix) Powhart 5:01
28 Is It Real (X-Plane Extended Version) Kathy Mc Lean 5:14
29 Take on Me (Live Version) Masterbeat 3:26
30 Take My Hand (Club Mix) (feat. Mimi) DJ Kajjin 7:05
31 Vuoi ballare (Severo Remix) (feat. C.Y.T.) G.F.U. 4:02
32 Lights Are On (Domasi 2008 Radio Remix) (feat. Destiny) Sun Kidz and Marhz Inc. 3:41
33 Love from a Star (Dance Club Extended Version) Emixfair 5:53
34 The One That I Want (Bastino Extended Mix) Deep.Spirit 6:03
35 Affection (feat. Ira Losco) Duo Blank 5:44
36 (I Got U) In My Mind (C.Y.T. Club Mix) La Dance Inc. 4:12
37 Viaggio al centro del mondo (DJ Gio Extended Mix) Luchetta and Dante 5:38
38 Come and Take Me (Extended Mix Dan-J and Doon-M 5:10

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VA-Italo Dance Reboot (2016)

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