VA-The Playerz Ball Vol.2 (02-10-2015)

Artist: VA
Mixtape: The Playerz Ball Vol.2
Date: 02-10-2015
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop

1.INTRO Welcome to the playerz ball
2.Like to fucc-JRied feat. Mumbles Quran
3.I dont complain-Chris Hooks
4.All night long-Lil’Colorado feat. Yung jay
6.Watchin movies-Mumbles Quran
7.Smokin n sippin-Tloc feat.Lil’Colorado and Yung jay
8.XXX files-Six 2
9.Ju ne taime plus-Lafmob
10.Roll it up-Do Rong feat.Dojah the don
11.Kush n drank-Boo love
12.Go to war-Emre2k feat. Young Noble of the Outlaws
13.Loweys-Emre2k feat.Bizzare of D-12
14.Rollin freestyle-The Legendary Fritz
15.ohhh!-Erotic D
16.Spillin all this cash-Lil’Colorado feat Yung jay
17.Timber-QB Masburge feat.Highstakes
18.Here i go-Lil’Colorado feat. Yung jay
19.Joe Realionaire-Coach cognac
20.Bitch better have my money-Rihanna and AMG

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VA-The Playerz Ball Vol.2 (02-10-2015)

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