VA-The Feds Are Watching (31-10-2015)

Artist: VA
Mixtape: The Feds Are Watching
Date: 31-10-2015
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop

1.The Feds Are Watching Intro (Produced by MF TWO)
2.Air Is Clear (Produced by Scrilla Scratch)- Cnoteshce
3.Black Banana- Innerstate Ike & Waze
4.We Just Sippin on (Produced by MF TWO)- Morning Star
5.G’s Come Out- Dead Mic Feat. Staflo and Flawless Money
6.Good Day- Gina T
7.I Know (Produced by MF TWO)- Namm
8.Unload & Bust (Produced by MF TWO)- Sin
9.Plug Money- Trap Boi Feat. Gwap Jetson
10.Porta Potty (Produced by MF TWO)- Brayzack Feat. B Da
11.Hard and Heavy- Koo Qua Feat. TGz
12.How I Feel- Taurean
13.Have $- Wriky Knotz Feat. Johny Rocketz
14.So Fly (Produced by MF TWO)- Paris Live Feat. Shoota P
15.Enemy Of The Sthate- Moose Feat. Maine
16.Aries (Produced by MF TWO)- Rage Ridah
17.No Fear (Produced by MF TWO)- Flawless Money
18.Traphouse- Wil Guice
19.Shine (Produced by MF TWO)- Twizz Loak Feat. Staflo and Kool Keezy
20.Luxurious (Produced by MF TWO)- Mike Kasual
21.Law and Order- Lama Squad

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VA-The Feds Are Watching (31-10-2015)