VA – Popstars Mixtape Vol. 20 (01-14-2016)

Artist: VA
Mixtape: Popstars Mixtape Vol. 20
Date: 01-14-2016
Genre: R&B, Pop, Soul

1. intro by lil fats
2. pop it up by richard h
3. cup of ice by yung king kev
4. lost in your dreams by gentlemen of rock and roll
5. shake that by mikeyb
6. red bottoms by mike rasha’ad
7. good friday time by king squad
8. i wanna fu** by d. sails & pierre leufray jr.
9. vaporub by pabs (pablo a sanchez)
10. can’t forget about me by zoguallah
11. clematis by night by mgproducer
12. cuss love songs – k – breezey, truehero, kuya by tomorrow’s satisfaction
13. heart of stone by emmett north jr.
14. party hard (prod by j gramm) by bonez tha truth
15. show me ur smile by xxit noah lundy
16. a tale of two cities by antonia venezia
17. one more min by trustin
18. pop it by 90s babe
19. sweet dreams [beyonce cover] by floxy
20. molly party by p. emery
21. soul’d out by downtown mystic
22. freedom by slim skinny
23. no love by dt ramazotti
24. rihanna-we found love(1980’s remix) gochris! by go chris! (the remix man)
25. gutta chick by harloom
26. bounce with me by gee
27. can we by tony
28. you may not be a little angel. by donsown
29. changes by wavy
30. fashion queen by saint clarity
31. stow-the fitness song by tweezystow
32. dis club by d.o.e ft. yb
33. just like that by jag7
34. hella bands by double dosee
35. mafia by duke
36. ever by artiste farmer
37. heart full of love by lisa nemzo
38. be my rock by ms. nancy reed
39. rastus ravel (is a mean old man) by heatwave
40. throw it by cam b
41. stud by kenneth l. king
42. scorpio ft mike feez & mr. take a f7ick(pro by miles j.) by patrick king
43. s&c (sauvignon & conversation) by tamba tongue
44. elliphant-ciant hear it(duran duran remix) gochris! by go chris!
45. by alonzo stevens
46. anything by tony gi
47. the ride remix ft. legendary kellz fargo by babyface benji
48. pee pee for my bunghole by da headcutta
49. pee pee for my bunghole by da headcutta

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VA – Popstars Mixtape Vol. 20 (01-14-2016)

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