VA-NOW THAT’S 71 MUSIC (VOL. 1) (24-09-2015)

Artist: VA
Mixtape: NOW THAT’S 71 MUSIC (VOL. 1)
Date: 24-09-2015
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop

1.Now That’s 71 Music (Intro)
2.A Beautiful Day in the O [Freestyle] 3.Shamuh Fleek [Freestyle] (Future – Fuck Up Some Commas Remix)
5.Pap Her Up [Freestyle] (Speaker Knockerz – Dap U Up Remix)
6.I’On’t Sell Molly [ESO Mix] (iLoveMakonnen – Sell Molly Remix)
7.My Riches Is Life (Skit) [Bob Marley Speaks] 8.L’es Get Rich [Freestyle] 9.Centuries [Freestyle] 10.It’s Good… (iDesign 2) [Freestyle] 11.Bring It Bacc [Freestyle] 12.Catch Me If U Can [Freestyle] 13.Beh Belee Dat [Freestyle] 14.All Eyez On Me (Dey Be Watchin’) [Freestyle] 15.All I Need… (1 Mo’) [Remix] 16.Come On [Freestyle] 17.Silhouette feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR [ESO Mix] 18.U, Me, ChAEnge ‘N AEthang feat. Dej Loaf Jacquees (ESO Mix)
19.WE x ON feat. Giseppe, B Pusha & Dezzy Boy
20.Doccae Glover [Freestyle] (Young Thug – Danny Glover Remix)
21.That Hype feat. Giseppe
22.Boocee Hoe [Freestyle] feat. Giseppe
23.Sum Docc (Metro Boomin Want Some More…) [Freestyle] 24.Dat Bitcch feat. Guntha & Giseppe
25.Tango [Freestyle] 26.Now That’s 71 Music (Outro)

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VA-NOW THAT’S 71 MUSIC (VOL. 1) (24-09-2015)

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