VA-King Of Upnorth Trap Muzik Vol. 2 (21-05-2015)

Artist: VA
Mixtape: King Of Upnorth Trap Muzik Vol. 2
Date: 21-05-2015
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop

1.- Intro
2.- Meek Mill Levels (Freestyle) (Feat. Maxpayne Shawty)
3.- Bang (Feat. Maxpayne Shawty)
4.- It’s Whatever (Feat. Dew Hi)
5.- I Just Don’t Give A Fuck (Feat. Milla On Deck)
6.- #MG Here (Now You Know) (Feat. Milla On Deck)
7.- All Right (Feat. Young Donn)
8.- All I Know (Feat. Omillio Sparks & Spider Loc)
9.- Charge It To The Game
10.- Been Thru It
11.- Bout That Action (Feat. Milla On Deck & July)
12.- Murdah Rate (Feat. Southside PO)
13.- Bodies (Feat. Jooks)
14.- Ride It To The End (Feat. SK) [Prod. by Maxpayne Shawty] 15.- I’ma Get Money Regardless
16.- Streets Love Me (Freestyle)
17.- The Grave (Feat. Rick Ross)
18.- How Ya Plug Gotta Plug (Feat. Spoonz)
19.- Nuffin Like These Rap Niggas (Feat. Kokane & NJ Threat)
20.- Que Pasa Hommes (Feat. Amigo Money)
21.- Paranoia (Feat. July)
22.- #ROE (Real Over Everything) [Prod. by ROE] 23.- Castor (SK Intro) (Feat. Milla On Deck & Blak Math)
24.- Cold World [Prod. by Young Donn] 25.- Outro

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VA-King Of Upnorth Trap Muzik Vol. 2 (21-05-2015)

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